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Bollywood Fashion Guide: A blog on how to dress like a Bollywood star.

With the upcoming release of many Bollywood films, now is the time to start dressing like a Bollywood star! In this blog post, we will teach you all about the latest trends in Bollywood fashion and how to dress like a superstar in no time.

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood, also known as Hindi cinema, is a popular film industry in India. It is the most commercially successful film industry in the world with a total box office revenue of over $2.5 billion as of 2018. Bollywood fashion has become increasingly popular worldwide and there are many styles that you can emulate to dress like a Bollywood star.

Bollywood stars often wear designer clothing and accessories, which can range from traditional Indian garb such as salwar kameez and shalwar kameez, to more contemporary styles such as western suits and mini dresses. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to look like a Bollywood star – simply follow some tips for dressing like a Hollywood A-lister!

Start with an elegant outfit. A fitting ensemble will make all the difference when it comes to looking your best on the red carpet or at any formal event. Choose something classic and timeless that you can wear again and again. A great option is a knee-length skirt in a soft material such as silk or cotton with a fitted top or blouse. Opt for statement accessories instead of too many subtle details – go for bold earrings, Statement necklaces or colorful bracelets to give your outfit personality.

Accessorize with attitude! Accentuate your natural features by choosing jewelry that compliments your skin tone and eye color. For example, if you have fair skin choose items made out of gold or silver; if you have darker

The History of Bollywood

Bollywood is one of the most popular film industries in the world, with a history dating back to the 1930s. Originally a small village in southern India, Bollywood soon became known for its vibrant and colorful culture.

Today, Bollywood fashion is as iconic as the films themselves. While some elements of traditional Indian dress may be incorporated into Bollywood styles, overall fashion is typically more Westernized. Stars often adopt cutting-edge trends, and their wardrobes reflect the latest in couture and high street fashion.

Here are some tips on how to dress like a Bollywood star:

Start with an eye-catching outfit. Whether you’re dressing up or down, choose something that will make an impact. A bright color or stylish print will help set your look apart from the crowd.

Think sexy! It’s no secret that Bollywood stars are often known for their sultry looks – embrace it! Create a flattering silhouette by wearing fitted clothes that hug your curves and show off your assets. Opt for sexy lingerie and bombshell accessories to really accentuate your features.

Create a bold makeup look. Bold eyeshadows, thick lipsticks, and strong liner are all essential for glamourous style looks in Bollywood. Don’t afraid to go all out – experiment with new shades and textures until you find something that works best for you.

Accessorize to perfection! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets – anything

Types of Dresses in Bollywood

There are a variety of types of dresses in Bollywood. A few examples are below:

-Sari: The traditional dress of India, a sari is usually made out of a light fabric, often with beautiful floral designs. They can be worn as an everyday dress or for special occasions, like weddings.
-Choli: A traditional Indian ladies’ garment, the choli is a tight fitting top that covers the stomach and chest but leaves the legs and arms free. This outfit is popular in rural areas and is often seen as sexy or exotic.
-Navratna Saree: A formal wear option in Bollywood, the navratna saree features intricate patterns and colors that can take hours to create. They’re best suited for big occasions like weddings or other formal events.
-Pajama: A casual dress choice that’s popular in Indian households, pajamas are typically comfortable clothes made from cotton or terrycloth. They can be worn at home or for daytime activities like going to the grocery store.

How to Dress like a Bollywood Star

Bollywood fashion is one of the most popular styles in the world. It’s an eclectic mix of traditional Indian clothing and modern western trends. To dress like a Bollywood star, start by finding clothes that fit your body type and style. You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on designer clothes – you can find affordable options that will still look great.

When it comes to accessories, you don’t need anything extra – just some stylish jewelry and shoes will do the trick. And last but not least, make sure your hair is styled perfectly so you look like a glamourous Hollywood starlet!


Bollywood is one of the most popular film industries in the world and with good reason. The costumes are outrageous, the dancing is frenetic, and the music is sensational. Whether you’re a fan of Indian cinema or not, there’s no doubt that learning how to dress like a Bollywood star will make you look pretty sharp. In this blog post we’ll take you through all the basics of dressing like a Bollywood superstar: from choosing your wardrobe to mastering those dance moves. So get ready to put on your best disguise and let’s explore what it takes to be fashionable in India’s version of Hollywood!