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How to Visit Mumbai Like A Local: A blog on how to see the city that is Mumbai like a local.

Mumbai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason! It’s a city with a rich history, vibrant arts and culture scene, stunning natural beauty, and more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to see all of Mumbai like a local – by using the tips and tricks that locals are probably already using!

What is Mumbai?

Mumbai is a city that is known for its amazing nightlife and culture. It is also a great place to visit during the day if you want to see some of the most beautiful sights in India. There are so many things to see and do in Mumbai, but here are some tips on how to make the most of your time there.

First, try to get to know some of the local neighborhoods. When you’re walking around the city, take note of which areas have high concentrations of Indian or Western businesses and which areas have more traditional neighborhoods with lots of vegetable markets and religious shrines. This will help you navigate around the city without getting lost.

Second, make sure to check out all of the main attractions. The main tourist spots in Mumbai include the Fort area with its beautiful gardens and historic structures, Marine Drive with its vast array of shops and restaurants, Parel with its lively street life, Colaba Causeway for seafood lovers, and CST station for a glimpse into Mumbai’s rich history.

Finally, consider taking advantage of Mumbai’s cultural offerings. There are plenty of theaters and concert halls where you can catch live performances or watch movies. And don’t forget about the famous food! Whether you’re looking for Western-style dishes or something more traditional like tandoori chicken or prawn masala, there’s something for everyone in Mumbai.

Basic Information about Mumbai

Mumbai is a diverse city with many attractions and activities to keep visitors entertained for days. For the first time visitor, there are plenty of things to do without even leaving the city. Mumbai is also a great place to learn about the culture and way of life of the people who live here. The following tips will help you experience Mumbai like a local:

1. Get orientated
Before you even think about visiting Mumbai, it’s important to get orientated. Download or print out our map of Mumbai (click here) and take it with you on your visit so that you know where everything is located. You can also use it as a reference when asking locals for directions.

2. Explore by foot
If walking isn’t your thing, then explore the city at leisure on an electric scooter or cycle. There are plenty of places to stop and take in the sights and sounds of this vibrant metropolis on two wheels!

3. Enjoy fresh food at street stalls
Street food is just as popular in Mumbai as it is in any other city around the world, so don’t miss out by not trying some of the local favourites like vada pav, pakora and samosas! Plus, it’s always fun to watch vendors interact with their customers while they cook up their delicious meals.
4 . Take a boat ride down the river
Mumbai has several lakes that offer wonderful views of colonial-

How to Get Around Mumbai

Mumbai, once known as the city of dreams, is now one of the busiest and most popular travel destinations in the world. With a population of over 20 million people, it can be difficult to figure out how to navigate this sprawling metropolis. Here are some tips on how to get around Mumbai like a local:

1. Use public transportation. Mumbai’s public transportation system is one of the best in India and is very user friendly. There are buses, trains, trams, and subways that cover the entire city. Most buses have air-conditioning, so make sure to pack a bag for those hot days. The fares are cheap, averaging about Rs 10 per ride.

2. Walk! Mumbai is a walkable city and there are plenty of places to explore without having to use any form of transportation. If you’re feeling energetic, take a stroll down Chowpatty beach or check out Marine Drive for some beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. There’s also plenty of shopping districts that can be explored on foot such as Colaba or Saki Naka.

3. Ride your bike! Bicycles are popular in Mumbai and they make for great transportation around the city since there’s hardly any traffic congestion. Rent bikes from agencies near your hotel or find them parked near tourist spots like Marine Drive or Chowpatty Beach. Just be careful when riding around town – cars and trucks are notorious for making sudden moves without warning!

Top 5 Places to Visit in Mumbai

There are so many things to see and do in Mumbai that it can be hard to decide where to start. If you’re looking for top places to visit in Mumbai, here are five of the best:

1. The Gateway of India
Located at the southern end of Marine Drive, the Gateway of India is one of the most iconic sites in all of Mumbai. Built in 1911 as a tribute to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, it is now a World Heritage Site and one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Walk through its impressively ornate gates and explore the sprawling grounds inside; there’s sure to be something here that will intrigue you.

2. Plaka
If you’re interested in Greek architecture, then Plaka is worth a visit. Dating back to the fourth century BC, Plaka is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mumbai and features well-preserved ruins from this period. Today, it’s home to some great restaurants and bars as well as some beautiful temples and gardens.

3. The Colaba Causeway
Known as “the Venice of India”, Colaba Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once home to many prosperous British families. Today, it remains an atmospheric location with narrow streets lined with centuries-old buildings; take time to wander around and soak up its charm.

4. Mahim Bay
Mahim Bay is another fantastic place to visit if you’re interested in Indian

What to Eat and Drink in Mumbai

Mumbai, known as the “Bollywood” capital of the world, is a city full of culture and life. To experience this all-encompassing metropolis like a local, follow these tips:

1. Eat Mangalorean Cuisine in Mumbai
Mangalorean cuisine is unique to Mumbai and is made up of various spices and flavors. Head to any suburb in Mumbai for some of the best Mangalorean food. Some of the best places include Kalakand, Mirch Masala, and Raju Ki Tikki Restaurant.
2. Drink Mumbaikar Beer
Mumbaikar beer is one of the most popular beers in Mumbai. It has a nice malty taste that goes great with Indian food. Try out some of the local breweries like Cobra Beer, Tiger Beer, and Kingfisher Beer.


Mumbai is a city that has something for everyone and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Whether you want to explore the winding streets of old Mumbai or marvel at the world-famous Taj Mahal, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about visiting Mumbai like a local. From where to stay to what sights to see, read on for tips that will make your trip as authentic and enjoyable as possible.