Get Ready for Summer with Calzedonia: Shop the Perfect Beach Dress for Women

As the days get longer and the temperatures begin to rise, it can only mean one thing: summer is just around the corner! And what better way to embrace the season than by getting ready for those sunny beach days? If you’re on the hunt for that perfect beach dress, look no further because Calzedonia has got you covered. From flowy maxi dresses to cute cover-ups, their collection features a range of options that are not only stylish but also flattering for every body type. So, whether you’re planning a tropical getaway or simply lounging by your local pool, read on as we dive into the world of beach dresses and discover how you can rock them with confidence. Get ready to make waves this summer!

The best beach dresses for women

When it comes to beach dresses, there’s no shortage of options out there. But what makes a dress truly perfect for the beach? It’s all about finding that balance between comfort, style, and functionality.

First up, let’s talk about fabric. Opt for lightweight materials like cotton or linen that allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool under the scorching sun. Avoid heavy fabrics that can weigh you down and make you feel uncomfortable.

Next, consider the length of your dress. While maxi dresses are always a popular choice, don’t be afraid to experiment with shorter lengths as well. A breezy midi dress or even a cute mini can be just as chic and practical for a day at the beach.

Another important factor to consider is the silhouette of the dress. Flowy and loose-fitting styles are great for creating an effortless boho look while providing plenty of room for movement. If you prefer something more fitted, look for dresses with adjustable tie-waists or elastic bands that offer flexibility and ensure a comfortable fit.

Now let’s talk about patterns and colors. Beach dresses are all about embracing fun prints and vibrant hues! From floral motifs to tropical patterns, choose designs that exude summer vibes and reflect your personal style. Don’t shy away from bold colors either – think bright yellows, ocean blues, or sunset oranges!

Don’t forget about those little details that can elevate your beach dress game. Look for dresses with interesting necklines like off-the-shoulder or halter styles that add an extra touch of femininity. Consider added features such as ruffles, tassels, or embroidery which bring uniqueness to your outfit.

Remember when choosing your perfect beach dress: prioritize comfort without compromising on style; embrace playful prints; pay attention to silhouettes; opt for breathable fabrics; play around with different lengths.

How to find the perfect beach dress for your body type

When it comes to finding the perfect beach dress for your body type, it’s all about embracing and accentuating your unique features. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal beach dress that flatters your figure.

Consider your body shape. If you have an hourglass figure with a well-defined waist, opt for dresses that cinch in at the waist and flow over your curves. A wrap-style or fit-and-flare dress can enhance those feminine proportions beautifully.

For pear-shaped bodies, where the hips are wider than the bust, choose a beach dress that draws attention upwards. Look for dresses with eye-catching details like ruffles or embellishments on the top half to balance out your silhouette.

If you have an athletic build with broader shoulders and a straighter frame, go for styles that create curves. Dresses with ruching or gathering around the waist can add definition and create more of an hourglass shape.

Petite women can opt for shorter beach dresses to elongate their legs. High-waisted styles also work well as they give the illusion of longer legs.

Don’t forget about patterns and prints! Vertical stripes can make you appear taller while bold prints can draw attention away from any areas you may want to minimize.

Remember, these are just guidelines – ultimately wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Top 5 beach dresses from Calzedonia

Looking for the perfect beach dress to rock this summer? Look no further than Calzedonia! They have a fantastic collection of trendy and stylish dresses that are sure to make heads turn. Whether you prefer something flowy and bohemian or sleek and sexy, they have it all!

1. The Floral Maxi Dress: Embrace your inner flower child with this stunning floral maxi dress. Its light fabric and vibrant print will keep you looking fresh and feminine all day long.

2. The Crochet Cover-Up: If you want to add a touch of boho charm to your beach ensemble, look no further than the crochet cover-up from Calzedonia. This delicate piece is perfect for layering over your favorite bikini or one-piece.

3. The Off-Shoulder Mini Dress: Show off those sun-kissed shoulders in this flirty off-shoulder mini dress. It’s the perfect blend of casual and chic, making it ideal for both beach days and nights out on the town.

4. The Tie-Dye Tunic: Channel your inner hippie with this fun tie-dye tunic from Calzedonia. Its loose fit and bold colors scream laid-back summer vibes, making it a must-have for any beach vacation.


The Striped Midi Dress: For a classic nautical look, opt for the striped midi dress from Calzedonia. Its timeless design is perfect for strolling along sandy shores or sipping cocktails by the pool.

With these top 5 picks from Calzedonia, you’ll be ready to hit the beaches in style this summer! So don’t wait – head over to their website or visit one of their stores today to find your perfect beach dress!

How to style your beach dress

  1. How to Style Your Beach DressNow that you’ve found the perfect beach dress for your body type from Calzedonia, it’s time to talk about how to style it. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling along the sandy shores, here are some tips on how to rock your beach dress with confidence and style:

    1. Accessorize: Add a pop of color and personality to your beach dress by accessorizing with statement jewelry, such as chunky bracelets or vibrant earrings. A straw hat and oversized sunglasses will also elevate your look while providing protection from the sun.

    2. Layer up: If you want some extra coverage or need a stylish way to transition from the beach to a seaside café, layer your beach dress with a lightweight kimono or cardigan. This adds depth and versatility to your outfit while keeping you comfortable in changing weather conditions.

    3. Belt it: Create definition at the waist by adding a belt over your beach dress. This not only accentuates your curves but also gives structure and shape to loose-fitting styles. Opt for a colorful woven belt or a sleek leather one depending on the overall vibe of your outfit.

    4. Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors when styling your beach dress! Pairing different prints can create an eye-catching ensemble that exudes confidence and individuality. Just make sure there is some cohesion between the patterns – either through complementary colors or similar motifs.

    5. Play with footwear: The right pair of shoes can instantly transform any outfit, including a beach dress! For casual days at the shore, opt for comfy sandals or espadrilles in neutral tones like beige or tan. If you’re heading out for drinks after sunset, swap them out for wedges or strappy heels that add height without sacrificing comfort.

    Remember, these styling suggestions are just starting points – feel free to get creative and experiment with different looks. The most important thing is to choose a beach dress that makes you feel confident

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